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Omni Chiropractor
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Omni Chiropractor

Nutrition Services for Denver, Aurora, Parker and Centennial

We use only the finest, proven botanical and nutritional products from well-established firms like:

  • Nutri-West
  • Nobel Laboratories
  • Doctors for Nutrition
  • PhysioLogics
  • Source Naturals
  • Purity Products
  • Sedona Laboratories
  • ProNutrition
  • Anabolic Laboratories
  • Pure Encapsulations

We also are providers of:

  • Nutrition 53 products for energy, mental activity and sleep. Visit for more information.
  • BioNovix for Xanthohumol products for healthy metabolism, diabetes, eyesight, mood and focus, insomnia, cholesterol, weight loss, overall health. Visit to order a free one-month sample.

Omni Chiropractor

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“Personally, I have lost 12 pounds and dropped 50 points in cholesterol count in 90 days, and feel great! This is a wonderful product and I encourage every one of you to use it.”

~ Dr. Vetanze

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