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Omni Chiropractor
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Omni Chiropractor


"The team of experts at Omni keeps me in top playing condition. I appreciate the personalized attention and great treatment I always get here."
~Curome Cox, Denver Broncos' safety

"Dr. Vetanze really knows his stuff. He always gets right to the root of what's going on and figures out how to fix it."
~Karl Paymah, Denver Broncos' cornerback

"I like that Omni is a one-stop shop as far as treatment goes. I can get an adjustment, massage, physical therapy, you name it, and be sure that it will be done right."
~Cecil Sapp, Denver Broncos' running back

"Dr. Vetanze and his staff have treated me for years. They are the best-I will go nowhere else."
~Rod Smith, Denver Broncos' wide receiver

"With being a young player, I've learned how to prolong my youth. Thanks to Dr. Vetanze, my youthful body has been preserved."
~Demetrin Veal, Denver Broncos' defensive tackle

"Having your body in alignment is the foundation of your golf swing-it sets you up to swing the club properly. Thanks to Dr. Vetanze I am in alignment."
~Shelly Rule, professional golfer

An emergency client visit -- video speaks louder than words.

Omni Chiropractor
Omni Chiropractor

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